Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Grandmother Doll

My "grandmother doll". With my abundant amount of scrap fabric, and thirst to try something new, I set out to make a doll, not realizing what it would actually become.

The blue and white dress reminds me of her, the patterns, the colors. The "skin" reminds me of hers, old and splotchy. The hair will eventually be the same too, and I will probably end up giving this one blue eyes, along with the wings.

I miss my grandma. When she died I didn't get to officially say good bye, it's something that I deal with everyday, some days being worse than others. When she died, she didn't get funeral services, a memorial, a tombstone or resting place. She was cremated. I have no official place to mourn her.

Summer, my sister in law, suggested that I have a place in my house for her, with a picture and a candle I can light thinking of her. Upon making this doll, this angel, I was reminded of her time and time again. While it's not done, it's her. I feel something more, a peace and of course when I'm done, which won't take anything other than the actual work, there will be a picture.

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