Thursday, October 14, 2010

My First Placemat!

Halloween Place-mat

I decided to venture out and make place mats, this is a scanned photo. I'll take a better one later when the lighting is right because right now it is dark outside.

Friday, October 8, 2010

So Far So Monstered

A Love Bug I made for Tristan for Valentine's Day
A Purple Monster for Monica for Christmas, close up
My first monster, Monica's monster, and my "Amanda Doll" for my mom

Clearly I have quite a ways to go, and I have the material.

I've also made some penguins for my son and Tristan. Will post pictures of those soon.

So Far So Quilted

Spongebob Pillow Case, modeled by Logan.
Spongebob Quilt
Puppy Pillow Case, modeled again by Logan, he was quite excited!
Puppy Quilt I started for Tristan. Finally figured out what to do with the backing, just have to save up for it, it's a little pink for Kimber.

Better pictures to come.


This is my hobby blog, designed to share with you the beginning and hopefully rise of my crafting days.

I'm currently in the process of making my unborn daughter a princess quilt, Halloween placemats and hand stitching repairs in my sons Spongebob quilt. Every day is the opportunity to learn something new. I have quite a few years to go.

I'm also interested in making monsters, I have Tons of fleece as well as material that I need to pop out and hopefully this will not only inspire but help to get rid of the stash on my shelf.