Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Final Blow

My sewing machine has bit the dust. Maybe it needs a good cleaning, maybe I'm just an idiot. Maybe I just put something backwards. Either way, it's not sewing, at least not for me and not any time soon. My heart aches.

I was just starting to feel good and inspired when we landed ourselves homeless and once realizing it wasn't so temporary I got my sewing machine out. And once I started making progress, it dies. Just like everything else in my life, taking a hit at the final stretch.

I have material enough for Thanksgiving and Christmas place mats, Tristan's dog quilt, Logan's pirate quilt, Olivia's mermaid quilt, a scrap quilt, monsters etc. This is literally tearing me up. Ugh.

Tristan's mom is supposed to dig out one of her old Singer's and I've only used a Brother, plus this thing has like 50yrs on me I'm sure so wish me luck. It'd be nice if I could use it in the mean time, my fingers are itching to create.